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TME Members Recognized for Leadership in ASHRAE

From left to right: Tom Watson (ASHRAE President), Mike Fullerton and Caleb Haynes at the ASHRAE meeting in November in Little Rock, Ark. Mike and Caleb were both recognized for their recent contributions to the society
At the November ASHRAE meeting, Society President Tom Watson recognized Ed Tinsley, Caleb Haynes and Mike Fullerton for their recent involvement with the society.

Tinsley was awarded the Jefferson Cup for his support and sponsorship that allowed Haynes to contribute to the first Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Leadership International event. The conference, held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from Sept. 26-27, had previously only been offered in the United States. Haynes, who is a member of the YEA Society Grassroots Committee, served as a facilitator for the pioneer program, along with the YEA Activities Committee Chair. The 14 attendees from Sri Lanka, Greece, Turkey, Singapore and the Philippines learned leadership skills to benefit their careers and the industry. Watson and other members of the YEA committee were impressed with Haynes's contributions to the conference:

Caleb Haynes and ASHRAE YEA Activities Committee Chair Megan Tosh experiencing a little bit of the culture in Sri Lanka

"Mr. Haynes's contribution to this effort was integral to the success of the event.... (He) was able to exceed the expectations and volunteer in new capacities. In addition to guiding content and planning the event, Mr. Haynes presented material on career development, planning techniques and personal branding to an audience of attendees and members from Society's Board of Directors. His participation was invaluable."

Haynes said he enjoyed the time he had each night to take part in two social dinners and get to know people from all over the world. He also spent time exploring the area, learning about the culture and even took a ride on an elephant. At the Arkansas chapter meeting, he was presented with an ASHRAE laser-engraved, crystal statuette for his involvement in the event.

Fullerton also received a token of appreciation for his leadership in ASHRAE. He has been on the ASHRAE leadership team for several years now and currently serves as President of the Arkansas chapter.

Caleb Haynes presenting at the first YEA International Leadership Conference in Sri Lanka in September

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